Vancouver Island Beaches

The nice thing about Vancouver Island Beaches is that while there are many obvious long beautiful sandy beaches, there are also many hidden local beaches that are accessible to the public but only known to locals. All across the island there are hidden beaches that you can spend a lifetime exploring. Vancouver Island Beaches are also mixed between fully nude beaches, topless beaches and fully clothed family beaches and all are on the back drop of a beautiful environment.

One drawback is that for most of the year, the ocean water is extremely cold, however coupled with ocean beaches there are a number of lakes that also offer beautiful beaches and for many months in the summer the lake water is warm at many of these beaches. However, on hot summer days the fresh ocean water is also perfect. Be sure to get involved in the “backwoods camping” group and you’ll learn about some of the backwoods lakes that are virtually untouched by tourists and have some beautiful beaches too.

Below are some of our choices and we’ll keep the photos and the information coming on more and more beaches throughout Vancouver Island with more and more details on when to go and what you can see when you arrive.

Hollydene Beach and Park – Gordon Head Beach – Local Beaches – Topless at times.

Both Hollydene Beach and Gordon Head Beach are connected hidden beaches where local university students and locals in the community go in the summer to get away from everything and just relax. Parking is limited at Hollydene Beach Park, so you might have to try Gordon Head Beach to get to the beach, which keeps these beaches very local. One thing to note is at times, the locals will go topless. So, be aware that it is acceptable at this local community beach to be a bit more avantgarde.